Change the ending, Domestic Violence and exercise for recovery

Here in Australia, based on recent studies, intimate partner violence has been shown to be one of the leading risk factors for illness, disability, homelessness, and death for women.

The shocking statistics can feel quite confronting: One in six Australian women have been subjected to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous partner, and almost one in four women have experienced emotional abuse from a current or previous partner since the age of 15. Family, domestic, and sexual violence is also commonly a long-term issue—more than half of all women who experience one incident of partner violence end up reporting repeat experiences.

So, yes, the statistics are stomach-turning. There are some amazing organizations out there, like the Red Rose Foundation of Australia, doing inspired, active work to bring these numbers down. The Red Rose Foundation works to end domestic and family violence related deaths in Australia including homicide, suicide, and accidental deaths that arise from incidents of domestic violence. The tough work of preventing these tragedies is absolutely paramount in the fight against domestic abuse. XO Women’s Fitness Centre has chosen to align ourselves with organizations like Red Rose Foundation to support these efforts in any way we can. Currently, all proceeds from our Saturday morning Beginners Classes will go to Red Rose Foundation, in the form of $10 suggested donations.

The work to STOP these horrors from occurring in the first place is so very important, but here at XO Women’s Fitness Centre, we also see another important side to the fight against domestic violence. For domestic abuse survivors, on the other side of this darkness lies the sometimes daunting task of recovery. Some of the lingering physiological symptoms of domestic abuse can include lowered self-esteem, depression, and PTSD among others. While emotional counselling and mental health support can play a primary role in recovery, the value of PHYSICAL EXERCISE has proven time and time again through well documented studies to have huge potential for increasing psychological wellbeing for trauma survivors.

The value of exercise, especially through a supportive understanding community like the one at XO Women’s Fitness, can provide both immediate and long-term support for trauma recovery. Even after completing just one class, our members can experience intense feelings of accomplishment. The fun and adrenaline of group classes can help to alleviate mental stress and anxiety, offer a sense of freedom and normalcy, create a sense of hope, and help promote visions of future goals and accomplishments.

Self-Esteem is paramount to overall well-being, and physical exercise can support this growth in so many ways. Entering into a well-guided and structured exercise program can help build both a better awareness of how our bodies function (physical competence) and also satisfaction as we see our abilities grow (physical acceptance). These two elements together lead to a greater sense of self-efficacy and self-esteem. Confidence is strength, confidence is power, and it lies within each one of us, ready to be discovered.

The XO Women’s Fitness team knows the path is scary. We know how daunting it can feel. But we also believe in the value of a strong supportive community. We believe in the power of regular physical exercise, and we believe in you.

If you believe you are ready to take the first step on a

new fitness journey, contact us for more information or join us for our Saturday’s Beginners Class, benefitting the Red Rose Foundation (no booking necessary).

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