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A Message from the XO Fitness Team!

Here at XO Women’s Fitness, we want OUR space to become YOUR space. Together we are creating a community where all women can rise above life’s challenges to smash our fitness and wellness goals. Whether coming from a place of self-doubt, injury, trauma, or simply balancing the stress of life's hustle and bustle, we are able to support you in your journey.

Our team of Personal Trainers and Wellness Professionals have the skills and experience to create programs for anyone from the very beginner to the elite athlete. XO Women’s Fitness offers a variety of exercise classes, personal training, a fun and challenging Functional Fitness studio, as well as a growing list of wellness services such as Remedial Massage Therapy and Nutritional Coaching.

What to expect

On your first visit to XO Fitness Centre, you will notice we are not like any normal gym. There’s no complicated bulky equipment, no cardio area, and no huge walls of mirrors. What you WILL find is a big yet intimate bare floor space, racks of equipment—some familiar and some perhaps not. There will be bikes and rowers and a big pink structure that we use for countless exercises.

Our Personal Training staff will help you become familiar and comfortable with all of these as time goes on. You will be greeted by friendly dedicated trainers who will set your mind and nerves at ease by introducing you to likeminded ladies who all started the exact same way you have—by taking that first important step to walk through the door for the first time. One of the values we instill in our community is to make everyone feel welcome. There are no Egos, no Judgements and we are eager to work with ALL levels of ability and fitness.

Our Coaches have a passion to help you achieve your goals, and we will be there for every step of your session. The sessions start with the Coaches gathering ladies around a whiteboard to explain the daily program, including what each exercise is and the flow of the workout. Each exercise is broken down and explained in detail HOW to do the exercise, WHY we are doing the exercise, WHAT muscles to focus on, and OPTIONS to make this exercise easier for a beginner or more challenging if you want an extra push.

Once the workout has been briefed, we will all participate in an extensive warmup together where the coach will demonstrate and explain some of the key components of the warmup, as well help draw attention to the muscles being used in the workout so they are ready and active to help prevent injury and to enhance post-workout recovery. Once warmup is completed, the coach will instruct on any equipment needed and help with any questions or additional options. Once the group is ready, the group will begin the workout flow together.

Each session is programmed specifically for women’s bodies. We provide a balanced weekly program where no matter your goals, we can help you choose the classes that will best suit your needs. Some of the foundations we focus on in our programming are weight loss, increasing muscle tone, increasing fitness, core strength and stability, booty building, increasing mobility/flexibility, increasing knowledge, increasing strength, and increasing skill.

Our goal is to create a space where you don’t come just to “workout.” We want XO to be your happy place and a place where you can better not only your fitness but also your mind and overall health. Our vision is to create a community of Strong Women who lift each other through tough times (because we all have them, let’s face it) and help push each other to new heights. We hope to show you the power of a simple space once it becomes a Community full of support and glowing with women empowerment.

We are mums, we are sisters and we have all had life experiences both good and bad (and very good and very bad). We are all on this journey together, and we invite you to join our growing community at XO Fitness to take your next steps towards your Best Self.

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