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Womens Intro to Self Defense 

Free womens Self defense class

Free Class 
When - Thursday 5pm - 6pm 
Cost - FREE
Where - 17/27 South Pine Road, Brendale 

Instructor - Pete 
Host - XO Fitness Centre


Covered in classes 

Each week is something new!
* Creating a strong & stable Base using stances/Postures
* Creating a strong Frame (Triangle theory)
* Non-Threatening Ready Positions
* Spacing Zones relative to threat (Green - Out of range/ Orange - Kick length/ Red - Close)
* How to break the opponent's Base (Standing, on the ground)
* Vital Points (Softeners to distract, disable) 
* Attacking tools options
* Situational awareness (Safe empowering behaviors)
* Human Anatomy (Leavers & Lock theory)
* Deflections vs Block (Best blocking locations, styles, tools)
* Release from grabs to wrist, Lapel, neck, chokes, bear hugs
* Ground defense (Fend off standing opponent, getting to feet defensively)
* Wall defense tactics
* Moving larger opponents using mass & momentum against attacker
* Wrist locks
* Weapon defense theory
* Violence of Action ( distraction, Speed of attack, maximum effectiveness) 
* Remove mounted opponent (when an attacker is on top when you are on your back)
* Legal responsibilities (Sufficient level of force to neutralize the threat to safety) 



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