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XO Challenge 2023

XO creating Habits and Shred Challenge

This challenge will be about creating new habits and focused on weightloss.

There will be

- 3 x weekly 20min Express workouts that can be done at home or in gym

- Non members access to express classes

- 3 x weekly Express finisher workouts that target core, glutes or full body

- Daily mobility videos on app

- Daily goal for creating new habits

- Meal plan with easy daily nutrition logging

- Weekly checkins

- Meal prep ideas and scheduling

Every challenge participant will receive 

- XO booty band pack

- Tape measure as there will be weekly checkins and measurements

- Access  to our XO Challenge app 

- 3 x weekly Express Workouts

- Daily Mobility workouts

- 3 x weekly core or Glute Express finishers to add onto any workout

- Meal plan with nutrition guide and food swap option 

- Calorie and Macro breakdown 

- Meal Prep ideas for busy Women 

- Family friendly meal prep options 

- Weekly 'Challenges' to keep up motivation 

Challenge starts

26th April - 27th May 2023

Members $40 ($10 per week)

Non members $79

More info coming soon, comment bellow if keen to jump on board

This will be targeted at members and Non members to try and boost some motivation and create some new habits

Any questions please feel free to ask away

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