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Group Classes 

Classes programmed For women, By Women 

Everything You Need to achieve your goals. 



Monday - 6am, 9.30, 5pm

Strength, Skill + Conditioning

50 min full body functional fitness and strength. Lean muscle building and conditioning through a mix of heavy and light resistance work. This class is a mix of training styles guaranteed to target all muscle groups using barbells, free weights and body weight.


HIIT + Boxing

Wednesday - 6am, 9.30, 5pm

High Intensity Interval Training 

This class is a combination of strength, cardio, Agility, core and full body conditioning through a mix of high intensity intervals. Followed by fun fitness Boxing! You will fire up your metabolism and gain overall fitness. This is a great first timer class and we cater to all fitness levels with this class and you don't need to bring along any gear, We have everything!


Lower Body

Tuesday - 5am, 6am, 9.30, 5pm

Lower Body Strength and stability

45min Class focusing on all things lower body. A great mix of compound lifts and isolation exercises to get the right burn and help you progress. Never done a squat or a hip thrust or squat before? We will teach you how!


Upper Body 

Thursday - 5am, 6am, 9.30, 5pm

Upper Body Strength and Stability

This class has the goal to grow and develop strength and stability throughout the shoulders, back, core and arms. Learn how to perfect functional movements and target the correct muscles to protect yourself from injury and gain self confidence. This class is designed to leave your arms burning and feeling stronger and leaner and of Course have amazing guns!



Saturday - 7am

Full Body Community Session 

This class is guaranteed to get the whole body burning! Bootcamp is one of our toughest classes of the week but is very scalable for every level and a great way to challenge yourself. There are coaches on the floor with you every step of the way so if there is a movement you cannot do, we give you options so you never feel left out!


Beginners Stretch Mobility

This is not a designated class but we do encourage and help with stretching at all times before, during (If needed) and after all classes. Stretching and mobility is held to a high regard in XO and helps prevent injury. No coordination or experience needed for any class!

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