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Membership Options

Casual - Direct debit - Upfront Short term/Long term

All membership options can be purchased online or at the desk before class 

Casual Membership

Casual sessions and 10-class pass can be purchased at the front desk on arrival,

Walk-In’s welcome.

$20        CASUAL VISIT

$180      10 CLASS PASS

Direct debit  Membership

2 class, 3 class, Unlimited Class Options.

Direct debit can be taken out weekly or Fortnightly and payments are via Ezidebit.

2 weeks notice to cancel memberships. No lockin 

$34.95         2 CLASSES PER WEEK

$44.95         3 CLASSES PER WEEK

$54.95          UNLIMITED CLASSES

Upfront Memberships

Membership is either 1 month, 3 month, 6 month. Membership includes Unlimited classes,

No Refunds, Discounts or Payment plans.

This membership cannot be placed on hold.




Membership Includes

As a member you will enjoy the following benefits

  • Guidance, support and coaching in all classes 

  • Access to nutrition consultations (additional cost)

  • Access to private training sessions (additional cost)

  • The ability to take part in members only events

  • Access to our members only Facebook group

  • The ability to take part in programs throughout the year such as challenges, Strength testing, Weightlifting programs (additional cost)

Membership options
6 week challenge

Book your Free 2 week Trial 


Are Bookings Required? 

Bookings are recommended but not required for your first session. We can help set you up on your first session.

I am really uncoordinated, will I be able to do the class? 

YES!!.. We all start somewhere and our trainers will help you feel comfortable and give you options for all exercises.

I Have never exercised or have had time off, Do I have to be fit to join in?

You do not need to be fit or have experience to join into our classes. All classes are designed so you can rest if needed and go at your own pace. Coaches are with you through the whole class and will teach you how to do the exercises correctly. 

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