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We all start somewhere

Nervous, anxious, not sure if you are ready… well firstly if you are reading this you are absolutely ready, so quit doubting yourself girl!

On your first visit to XO Fitness Centre, you will notice we are not like any normal gym. There’s no complicated bulky equipment, no cardio area, and no huge walls of mirrors. What you WILL find is a big yet intimate bare floor space, racks of equipment—some familiar and some perhaps not. There will be bikes and rowers and a big pink structure that we use for countless exercises.

One of the values we instill in our community is to make everyone feel welcome. There are no Egos, no Judgements and we are eager to work with ALL levels of ability and fitness.

2 different options to join a Free trial 

Book now for your free Trial to come along and trial any class 

Walk in Option

How to get started? 

Step 1 - Check out our Classes and times  

Check out our range of classes and times,
All our classes are suitable for Beginners. 

Step 2 - Arrive 10min early to your first class. 

Once you choose your class, Arrive around 10min early to your chosen class to fill our quick screening form and chat to coaches about any injuries. Bring along a towel, a drink bottle and wear closed in shoes and something comfortable and you're set to join in on the class 

Step 3 - Walk through our doors to your first class 

You have done the work to get this far, you cant stop now! 
You can do this


If you're someone that likes to be organised...

Alternatively to the above walk in option, You can enter your details and book your free trial here.  This will allow you to trial one of our awesome classes.

- Enter your details 
- Sign into your account 
- Booking
- Book any Class 
- Bring along a towel, Drink bottle and arrive around 5-10min early to first class to introduce yourself to coach and for any scaling options.


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