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Booty Pack 

- 3 Booty bands 

- Light, Medium and tough resistance

- 2 x Slidders 

- Carry bag 


Booty Bands and Sliders can broaden your range of exercises. These double sided exercise sliders work smoothly on all surfaces.

Hard plastic base one side with soft material on the other side for easy sliding on laminate, hardwood flooring, carpet or rug flooring.


The beauty of core sliders and Booty bands is you can use them in a variety of different workouts - an aerobic or dance workout, Pilates, muscle shaping and strengthening moves and even yoga.

These will add so much fun to your daily workouts and think of all the extra flexibility you'll have.

Lightweight To Travel + Convenient

Each pair of core sliders measures 17.5 cm in diameter, so light and compact that you can pack them in any bag and take them wherever you travel.


3 booty bands in each pack, Each booty band is 38cm in length with 3 different resistance levels

- Light  (Aqua)

- Medium (Pink)

- Tough (Purple)

Take them to the gym or if its more time efficient and convenient, stay at home and still get an awesome home workout in.

Suitable For All Fitness Levels

Perfect for both men and women who are looking for low impact exercise techniques to improve fitness. Whether you're a professional sports person, recovering from an injury or just want to keep fit during your spare time then our exercises sliders are ideal.



Booty Pack

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